Global Careers in Accounting

08 October

On the 8th of October 2019, ASA hosted its first Global Careers in Accounting Information and Networking Evening with CPA (Certified Public Accountant). 

Whilst ASA knew the event was particular looked forward to by many, the show of numbers at the event was far greater than our anticipation. The event was geared towards students that particularly fancied international careers or international students that wanted to know the tips and tricks needed to kickstart their career in local firms and business. A panel of speakers from CPA began the evening by highlighting their role in in the accounting sphere. 

Our members were informed about the importance of branding and self-differentiation to stand out in the competitive workspace, and the abundance of accounting opportunities the world had to offer. Followed by an employee of Fair work Ombudsman brought our members up to speed about the differences between casual, part-time and full-time work. He also shone light upon misunderstood legalities of work rights in the younger working population.

Members were also fortunate enough to hear from panellists about their first-hand experiences in working internationally. Our students were especially intrigued by the Delloite representative as she shared that she attained her job through networking at an event just like the Global Careers Evening. The night was rounded off with an interactive questionnaire about how to leave a lasting first impression and was finalised by refreshments and networking opportunities with all panellists and speakers.

Overall, students were provided with the opportunity to learn more about the scope of the accounting industry internationally. We received positive feedback from both students and sponsors on the nature of this event.