Fin-tech with ASA

10 September

On the 10th of September, ASA proudly hosted our very first Fintech with ASA: Q&A Panel event. This new initiative was aimed at helping our members learn more about this new and emerging industry and the disruptions and opportunities that arise from it. As society undergoes new developments, so must the events that we provide to our members to help them stay career-ready. 

The event was kickstarted by a panel discussion involving our two guest speakers, Rishi Kher from Metalicoin and Justin Scholten from MYOB. They gave students a brief introduction into Fintech, its future and role in shaping careers in accounting. Students learnt how to better prepare themselves for their career by beginning their learning now and being constantly aware of technological disruptions.



The event concluded with a networking session where students could engage in further discussions with our panelists about Fintech over some refreshments.