Case Study: Vacation Work Experience

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Name: Sean Cleary                                                                                 Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.18.38 am

Major: Accounting & Economics

Vacation Experience: PwC Private Clients


During the 2013/2014 summer vacation, I had a 6-week internship at PwC in their Private Clients Division. As a part of this, I did a 3-week rotation in Tax, as well as in Audit.


Private Clients deals with large unlisted companies, high net wealth individuals, and large trusts. It is a smaller team than the Tax, Audit and Consulting divisions at PwC.

In the tax unit, as a vacationer, one would prepare and lodge tax returns, prepare client statements, and consult with the ATO. As your career progresses, there is a greater emphasis on tax consulting, providing advice on groups and international tax in order to minimise tax payments.


In Audit, as a Vacationer, one would ensure the control procedures were present and working correctly, checking that there are no material misstatements. Most of this work was done at the client’s office. This not only gives you the experience of a chartered accounting firm, but also exposes you to some of the realities in industry.


The social life at PwC was very strong. Every week there was a morning tea, casual clothes day and often after work drinks – not to mention Christmas parties. The team was quite young and were all very welcoming and inviting, giving advice and tips on places to eat, whom to talk to for work and basic administrative tasks.


Overall, the Vacationer Experience is a very beneficial one. Not only can it lead to a graduate career, but one can also build a network for the future. I strongly recommend it to anyone who foresees a career in the accounting or even wider financial services industry. I also recommend a program for which there is a rotation between divisions. Not only does this vary the work you are exposed to, but it allows you to also reach a wider network.


My advice to anyone interested in vacation work would be to attend events, talk to the friendly HR staff from the professional services firms and to apply early. For first years, there is for some firms, the chance to apply early for the Vacation Program if you undertake their First Year program. This makes First Year programs also very desirable.



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